Cloud Management

In the Cloud, all files and data are available in real time to all employees within your organization. The days when people still sent attachments to each other via email are over. In addition to the real-time availability, every employee has the updated version of the files and data. The possibilities for collaboration, productivity, and creativity are endless.

Cloud Management is a secure and easy way to  store your data. This is due to the high demands placed on security. The cloud is normally even more secure than a traditional IT infrastructure. With the cloud you can easily indicate which employee has access to specific  files or data. Cloud computing provides options. You can host your own IT server yourself. If you think that a certain part, for example the CRM system, can be better stored in the cloud, then this is possible to integrate it into the cloud.

The advantages

The advantage of the cloud, is that there is almost no investment or start-up costs involved with growing your organization. With cloud management, it is possible for companies to arrange their automation on the basis of a subscription model. This way you know exactly what you pay. We offer various solutions such as private cloud, hybrid cloud, and virtualization. Companies can choose which solution they want. This way you only pay for cloud services that you actually need.

With Cloud Management, you and your employees can easily access various applications, emails, and files. There are many employees who work from home or who are often on the road, therefore it is important that all data required is also accessible to employees. Whether they work from home, in the office, or on the go their files will be available everywhere. The cloud is an affordable and secure solution that meets these needs.

How it works

The cloud uses a server that is not located within your organization, but in a secure data center. Whether you work at home, at the office, or on the road, this server is accessible via the internet with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This way, every employee has access to the information that is needed at that very moment.