What are the benefits of OrderThis QR Menu?

Integrate your corporate identity
Upload your own logo and images, edit the texts and change the colors that will fit with your style. Create and edit your menu the way you want.

Increase guest satisfaction
Reduced waiting time, no order mistakes and all drinks and dishes are available for your guests within a couple of clicks.

No app needed
Guests simply scan the QR code from their table and can start ordering right away. No trouble with downloading an application!

Fixed monthly rate
First month is for free, after that you pay a fixed monthly rate. Regardless on the amount of orders or guests.

Guests are informed
Enter all the information about your drinks and dishes in the system. Guests will be well informed how a dish looks like, what the ingredients are and the allergens. 

Flexible menu
Is a product out of stock? Do you want to have a new product on your menu? No problem, with a very userfriendly back office you will be finished within a few seconds.

Improve efficiency
Save time by automating the ordering process with OrderThis. Focus more on the guests and work efficiently and without ordering mistakes and mix-ups. 

Why you should consider switching to a QR Menu!

With the world finding itself in the middle of a mass digital transformation, it is easy to understand why establishments are switching to QR menus. Not only do you get a fully customizable menu that is easy to use and learn, but you also decrease your carbon footprint at the same time! No more wasting paper to fix tiny mistakes in print, now you can simply change everything digitally! Furthermore, you will drastically decrease the number of ordering mistakes in your establishment, which will save you a lot of money on lost inventory. What are you waiting for? Get started with your digital transformation today! OrderThis QR menu is at your side!

What is our process?

Get in touch!

Let us know that you are interested in OrderThis. We can schedule an appointment and answer all your questions.

Get prepared!

As soon as we know what you need and we have a suitable solution for your establishment, we will make sure that all matters are arranged. 


And start! 

We give you and your staff a short training how to use the solution and you are ready to go! Personalize your menu, create your promotions and receive orders.